Centennial Birthday Celebrations in 2021: A Salute To Three Of Our Long Time Parishioners

A salute to three of our long time parishioners. Rosita Lewis, Louise Harrison & Margo Lopez

Reaching a long life is not a necessity to everyone but a privilege to some. We greet and thank them for their long existence in this world and because they are a legend. For each year that adds and each day that passed means you are truly blessed.

 To Rosita Lewis 

You should not only be congratulated for reaching 100 years, an amazing milestone in itself. You have 10 decades of heavenly memories. Thank you for your caring and wisdom you continue to give so generously here at our parish community.
Happy 100th Birthday. 
June 11th, 2021

   “God’s blessings today &  always.”

Ms. Rosita Lewis 100 Years – with Flower bouquet from our Parish

To Louise Harrison 

To live 100 years is amazing and beyond that a blessing. Thanks for being a faithful parishioner.
Happy 101st Birthday
    May 12, 2021
“God’s blessings always”

Ms Minnie Harrison 101 Years – with Flower bouquet from our Parish

To Margo Lopez

” Cheers to 103 years of life. May God give you many more blissful birthday years.”
Happy 103rd Birthday 
February 11, 2021
“God’s blessings always”

Ms. Margo Lopez 103 Years – with Flower bouquet from our Parish

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